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☛ June
Recent and upcoming events.

Free Range
Trinity Episcopalian Church
Bluegrass at Trinity Church. Allentown Festival.
☛ 10:00 am ☛ 06/11

All Events (reverse time)

☛ Free Range
Them Other Pluckers were the featured group at the open mic at Nietzsche's hosted by Josh Gage. Nietzsche's Got a heapin' helpin' of flat pickin'. Bass slappin' finger pickin' good.
8:00 pm 12/18
   Trinity Episcopalian Church
Bluegrass at Trinity Church. Allentown Festival.
10:00 am 06/11

Roaring Twenties Gala

Ann Philippone

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts

For all our US friends, scoot over the bridge and check out the The TD Niagara Jazz Festival Jazzbugs play Saturday July 29th and Sunday the 30th for times and locations see their site.

During the Allentown art Festival Free Range Bluegrss play at the Trinity Church see June schedule.

New addition to the band: an exceptional sounding 1920s-style microphone.

We performed at the Hydraulic Hearth. The band would like to say thanks for the brick oven pizza

The Old Winery we were joined by the dance troupe "The Lindy Hoppers." The band encouraged people to dance and participate, and they did so and enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

Harry's Jazz Bar. Zippity Dudelin all night long. Stay tuned; the Bitters are to open another club soon.

On the Jazzbugs off nights (the first Sunday of each month) at Nietzsches, you can catch our good friends Ben Levitt, Dave Phillips and the Jazz Cachet,filling the house with a wang dang doodle lubricious sound.

Dr. Jazz & company played two gigs at the Niagara on the Lake Jazz Festival on July 30th. -- one downtown and one at Megalomaniac Winery.

Stay tuned for future gigs at Narcissistic Friars Artisan Winery, located on Sodom Road in Vineland.

ยท Did you go to the Grant Street Diversity Festival on June 25th? There was plenty to eat, with food representing EVERYWHERE, with lots of live entertainment; we played a rousing set to kick off the festivities -- from 11:00 am to 12:00.

Thanks to Joe Brancato (piano) for subbing for Will at Nietzsches November 15th. Fun Wow!

Thanks to Josh Asad and Rick Strauss at the UB Swing Dance at University at Buffalo South Campus.
Shout out to Alok Bedmutha and crew thier enthusiasm makes for an extraordinary event.