June 2024


The Jazzbugs obviously enjoy performing together and their performance proves that this ‘period’ music is still very much alive and well."
Ted Howes
“Straight Ahead”

“When the electricity went out, the music didn't stop. The band played by candlelight. Hooray, for acoustic music!”
George Scherff
Tesla Co.
(Employee Appreciation Party)

“I can always count on Ed to bring in the right music for the occasion.”
John DiSciullo
Director of Promotion

“Fine vocals, great harmonies, and lively for dancing, everybody had fun with The Kentucky Street No Stars.”
Sally Godwin
(Wedding Reception)

"Edge of the Woods has provided music for our company picnic and holiday parties. It's always our delight"
Dates-Wieser Furniture Corp.

"The Good Bait Trio's spirited renditions of jazz standards lent a joyous expression to an already wonderful occasion"
The Sommers
(Anniversary Party)