The Jazzbugs' music features toe-tapping, quick-witted, uplifting hot jazz in the rich tradition of 1920s and 30s Buffalo songwriters such as Jack Yellen and Harold Arlen, to name a couple.

Dr. Jazz has led retro bands for many years, from the legendary UB Skiffle Band to the Ukulele Ladies to the current Jazzbugs lineup and has played with Leon Redbone, Bonnie Raitt, John Hammond Jr. and several others.

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Leon Redbone Dr.Jazz Walking Stick



My favorite things

Deployed behind enemy lines to damage eardrums

WJAZ is on the air

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Willy, Nietzsches


Channeling the spirit of Joe Btfsplk

Shoot the moon

Come and see.

Dr. Jazz hears himself on a recording from the early 1920s and recognizes his voice

Dr. Jazz can't believe it's him.

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Nice in the shade

After cheating the drive-in with the Jazzmobile

Double Barrel

and glowing slightly from his toes

Summoning his cosmic powers

Summoning his....

Jazzbugs Poster – Early 2014

Jazzbugs play First Friday at Albright-Knox, September 2013

The Three Bugskateers

Jazzbugs Poster – Spring 2013

Jazzbugs Poster – Fall 2013

Blow dat horn

Megan, Nietzsches

Megan, Nietzsches

Megan, Nietzsches

Megan, Nietzsches

Ed, Nietzsches

Jazzbugs play Nietzsches

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Jazzbugs play Kenmore Days

Ed Woods and the Doctor

Jazzbugs Poster – Winter 2014 Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Potential Jazzbugs Album Cover

The Jazzbugs on stage at Albright-KnoxArt Gallery, Will jokingly covering Dr. Jazz’ mouth