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All ensembles are acoustic.

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Recent and upcoming events

The Jazzbugs played at the Buffalo Repertory Theater's Mardi Gras party, Saturday, March 1. It took place at the Ascension Episcopalian Church at North and Linwood. It was a great and fun event with lively performances of all kinds. Special thanks to Matthew for a great experience. The next Buffalo Repertory Theater show is called Hatful of Rain, playing March 6 - March 29. Visit artofwny.org for more information.

We offer our apologies to everyone who may have seen wrong dates for Jazzbugs performances. Be sure to check this site and jazzbugs.com for accurate dates.

Pianist Jim Beishline and I enjoyed subbing for Krista Seddon this Januray for the ongoing "Trinity at 7" event at the Trinity Episcopalian Church in downtown Buffalo. Trinity at 7 is a non-denominational meditative service that meets every Sunday at 7:00 pm at 371 Delaware Avenue. Thanks to Jim for his soulful compositions and the quality of his arrangements, for instance In the Bleak Midwinter. We enjoyed a great piano and bass performance in a wonderful sounding space, and the choice of poetry is always a perfect match for the event. Be sure to check out this worthwhile weekly evening of inspirational and meditative readings and music. Thanks also to Krista Seddon, Daphne Messersmith, Steve Lane and Theresa Maciocha at Trinity, and all of the greeters, readers and listeners who participated.

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