• 1920's Jazz with Dr. Jazz & the Jazzbugs
  • Bluegrass music with Them Other Freerange Pluckers
  • Good Bait -- Piano Jazz
All ensembles are acoustic.

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Recent and upcoming events

The Jazzbugs are also playing a swing dance at the Polish Falcons Hall on Grant and Amherst on Saturday, August 13.

The Jazzbugs will be playing the Lewiston Jazz Festival on Saturday, August 23 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm at the Frontier House on 460 Center Street. Yowza, yowza, yowza. They will also continue their regular appearances at Nietzsches, each Sunday except for the first Sunday of each month -- they also will not play the 21st of September.

Later in the month, come check them out at Hot Mama's Canteen on August 30. We'll be playing there 8:00 pm - ?

On Sunday, August 3, Ed performed with Jimmy Beishline at the Trinity at 7 evening at Trinity Episcopal Church on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Trinity at 7 is an ongoing weekly event featuring music and meditations. Ed has always enjoyed performing at the Trinity at 7 services -- it's been at least a decade now that he's had the opportunity to play with a variety of super musicians.

On Saturday, August 2nd, the Jazzbugs played a birthday party for Ann Phillipone at Hot Mama's Canteen. Ann also played a set, and we were happy to see Ken-a-rah-di-yah (Goodleaf) perform a heartfelt birthday song he wrote for Ann. A big thank you to Goodleaf.

The Jazzbugs played the Grant Street Taste of Diversity Festival on June 28. It was a perfect Summer day full of music, food and fun.

The Jazzbugs played at Buffalo's newest and hottest Bar and Kitchen, Hot Mama's Canteen, during the Discover Amherst Street Festival on Saturday, June 21st. The energetic sounds got the guests dancing and turned heads of festival goers outside.

Ed is grateful to Mark Monaco of Monaco's Violin Shop for help with his bass fiddles. Too many times too mention, Mark has come through. For your bass, violin, viola, cello, etc., needs, check out Monaco's.

Ed would also like to mention the Red-Eye preamplifier he is now using. It has great tone and reliability and is a pleasure to play with. Check it out at the Fire-Eye website.

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